What I’m wearing on repeat in 2017


What I’m wearing on repeat in 2017

This is what I’m wearing on repeat this month:

So we’re only a month into the new year and I’m wearing one piece in my closet on repeat all the time and I have zero shame about it! I always like to mix harder, edgy pieces with romantic feminine ones. So when I bought my military jacket, I knew it was a piece that would keep me warm but also up my style game.

I first tried on this Free People jacket you see above and I remember I told myself I didn’t need it. It was a little pricier and I wasn’t sure I would get enough use out of it for the price. So, I left it on the hanger and decided I wasn’t going to buy it. Almost a month later on my birthday, my aunt gave it to me for my birthday after finding it on sale for $60 on Gilt.com and I knew that this was fate telling me this jacket was destined to live in my closet. I live in Nebraska so I wasn’t sure how often I would be able to wear it considering the winter here is pretty brutal. But honestly, it’s awesome to have a light but still really warm jacket on days where it’s 30 or 40 degrees out and I’m not doing much outside. Here are a couple of ways I suggest rocking a jacket like this:

  1. Pair it with a metallic or a rose gold top. Metallic tops are definitely super popular and a great way to tone down a shiny or over the top blouse? Put an earthier piece over it!
  2. I rock a sweater with a tank top underneath so I stay warm. If you’re going to be like me and try to pull off a fall jacket in the winter, the best way to keep yourself warm is to put at least two layers underneath it.
  3. Throw it on over workout gear before you go to the gym so that when you leave the gym to go run errands, you still feel put together.

When you’re shopping for a staple piece like this, definitely make sure the sleeves are not too tight and the shoulders have some room at the top for you to layer underneath. Overall, pick a jacket that fits your silhouette and hits you in the right places. I always consult a friend before spending a chunk of change on a jacket. I will say, in full transparency, that as much as I love my Free People jacket and I’m wearing it all the time, there is one small issue with it. After wearing it for about a month and a half, I realized little metal wires would occasionally pop up out of the sides near the buttons about mid-way down on the jacket. This is the first time I’ve ever had an issue with a Free People product I’ve been wearing pieces from that line for the last 7 years. Many of the things I buy from them remain in my closet and will remain in my closet for years to come. I’m definitely not going to tell you to go spend a ton of money on a jacket that may have some issues with it down the line. I’ve talked to another friend who bought the same jacket and she said that she had the same issue. Still, I think for the modern girl, a military jacket is an absolute necessity so checks out the link below and you’ll see several different options that range in price. I hope you find the jacket that captures your heart just as much as mine did because even though it’s got a small wire poking out, I can’t stop wearing it!

If you want to get this style check this link!


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