Shopping Spotlight: guruHoney

Shopping Spotlight: guruHoney

Hi, guys!

This last month I decided to partner up with a local boutique called “guruhoney,” located off of 48th and St. Paul, in a quaint shopping center near Nebraska Wesleyan University. The boutique has really unique, funky pieces and I love the way the shop is set up inside.

I went and shopped a few weeks ago and picked out some of my favorites there for fall so here’s a little rundown on the outfits I chose!

The first piece I tried on was this amazing black dress by a designer called “reneec.” You could wear it to work or you could wear it to happy hour. And you can easily put a sweater on over the dress and turn it into a fall piece! It’s really rare I find dresses that are flattering enough to wear out and wear to work.

The second outfit that I put together is PERFECT for a game day at Memorial Stadium. The skirt is a denim piece from Hammer Jeans Los Angeles and I loved that it fit my curves perfectly but the skirt didn’t ride up when I sat down. If you’re going to wear something like this on game day, you definitely want to be comfortable. I paired it with a white top (the brand was POL) and then slipped on a pair of black heels; you could wear this with some red shoes for the game day and totally make it work!

Last but not least, I found a black“Jodifl” brand sweater with fringe and I put it over a “CY Fashion” gray tank that tucked into the skirt perfectly. I’m all about the 90’s vibes on this whole outfit!

If you haven’t been to Guru Honey, stop by North Lincoln and take a look! They not only have great designer finds but they also carry a few local brands and, the store has a fun, funky feel. Every time I’ve been in, I’ve gotten nothing but the best customer service, which is why I decided to spotlight them here on the blog!

Happy Monday!

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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