The Art of Snagging A Deal


The Art of Snagging A Deal

So, if you look at my Instagram stories, you’ll hear me mention the term “price matching” fairly often. I frequently ask department stores or online retailers to price match with a competitor’s price that I found.

Most department stores (Nordstrom, Von Maur, Macy’s) have a price matching policy that they adhere to. So, here’s how you snag a deal with ease.

When you’re in the store, after you’ve tried on the items you’re dead set on buying, Google the name of the item and it’s SKU (the number on the tag). If you don’t find it by that, then search the name of the brand and the color of the item. If what you’re preparing to buy is on sale at another online retailer, save the link in your notes and then head to the register.

Here comes the nerve-racking part for some people – you have to ask the salesperson at the department store to honor the deal. And, hopefully, you did your homework beforehand, so you know that they do. But, even if I know a store HAS to honor it, I always try to be super polite when asking. If you’re nervous about asking a retailer in the store to price match, JUST KNOW, plenty of people do it. You shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to save your hard earned cash. Sometimes I’ve saved as much as $200 on one shopping trip, just by doing this.

Besides being super awesome to whoever you’re asking at the register for a price match, you also have to have the policy of the store in the palm of your hand. What if when you’re checking out, someone new says that the store doesn’t price match with other retailers? This has happened to me before at Von Maur, so I ALWAYS have a link to the store’s price matching/adjustment policy saved in the notes of my phone so that I can show the retailer when I’m there.

Also — I have the fine print to reference when things get complicated. For instance, if you find an item in the same color and size online at a discounted price, Von Maur will not only price match with the online retailer, but they’ll also honor any site-wide promotions that online retailer is offering at the time. So, almost every weekend it seems Lord & Taylor offers 15% off site wide, and when I shop at Von Maur, they’ll honor that 15% if Lord & Taylor carries the item I’m buying at Von Maur. It’s pretty amazing and this method is how I scored these cute boots below for $56 when Von Maur was still selling them for $100! It’s also how I landed that pink Miss Selfridge Sweater for $42, instead of $56.

If you’re trying to price match online, bigger retailers like Nordstrom offer chat services that can help you do that as well. For instance, if I find a sale on an item Nordstrom carries at another online retailer, I’ll ask Nordstrom to honor the price, because you ALWAYS get free shipping from Nordstrom, and saving another $10 is always awesome!

I hope all of you find some of this info helpful! You can find out more about price matching and price adjusting by submitting your email and downloading my e-book! It’s got everything you need to know about how to save dollars every time you spend. Thanks, guys, and don’t forget to shop smart with Hustle & Heart.

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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