Grow Those Lashes, Baby


Grow Those Lashes, Baby

Hello friends! I want to be honest about this post and share with you that I have been overly obsessed with growing my eyelashes in the last year. I’ve tried everything you can think of. I’ve gotten eyelash extensions, used heavier mascara and even taken the time to curl them in the morning.

I’m sure many of you have heard about eyelash extensions and thought: well they look amazing so why not? When I got mine, my full set was $130, so it is a bit of an investment. While lash extensions made me feel gorgeous, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you before you even read the rest of this post, I actually ditched my lash extensions about 4 months ago. Here’s why:

1. Time – It takes about 2 hours for you to get these bad boys put on. When you get refills, typically those appointments last about an hour and a half and you need those every 2 weeks. We’re talking about a huge time suck.
2. Maintenance – You have to take care of them. I used a foaming wash that I bought off of Amazon. I washed my eyelashes every night by using a mascara wand to put some of the soap on the eyelashes, then I had to splash light water on to my face to clean them. THEN, I would use a blow-dryer on a low setting to dry them. Again, time suck!
3. Products – You have to use an oil-free eye makeup remover and you can’t use cotton balls or cotton swabs to remove eye-makeup, so things at night can get a little hairy.

Some people say that eyelash extensions save them time on the back end because they hop out of bed and get ready quickly but if you factor in all of the other hours it takes for fills, you’re probably not saving as much as you think. I would not recommend spending hundreds of dollars on eyelash extensions. It was a trend that came and I had to try it but it really can ruin your natural eyelashes and the money and time you’ll spend are not worth it.

A friend of mine a few months ago started selling Rodan & Fields’ products and she encouraged me to try their new (apparently amazing) mascara gel that naturally helps your eyelashes grow WITHOUT ruining them. It’s called “Rodan and Fields Enhancement Gel” and I was pretty hesitant to try the product but Jessica Adkisson, you were 100% right. The product is amazing and my eyelashes have grown to be luscious and LONG and I don’t have to sit in a chair for hours to get the results.

The gel is easy to use. You just put it on before you go to bed, almost in the same way you would with mascara and it takes about a minute to dry. Then, you wake up, wash your face normally and go about your day. There’s no mess, no fuss and I love the results.

I’m always transparent with you guys and I’ll tell you this product was not given to me for free, nor is this post sponsored. I truly just saw amazing results with the product and decided to post on the blog about it because I’m so amazed that all I have to do is put this gel on before I head to bed and my eyelashes continue to grow.

I do still use mascara, but honestly, this gel could put all of the eyelash extension companies out of business. It’s about $140 and I only have to refill every 4 months. You do the math, folks, you’re saving a LOT of cash when you compare it to eyelash extensions. And this blog is all about helping you figure out where you should splurge and where you should save.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the product, I’m going to give Jess a shout out here. She’s a local rep for the company, a great friend of mine and has a lot of knowledge about the product which is why she even convinced me to buy it in the first place. Drop her a line at if you’re interested in learning more about how it works as she has the details.

Have no shame in your eyelash game and don’t forget to shop smart with Hustle and Heart!

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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