sweatstyle: The Subscription Box I love


sweatstyle: The Subscription Box I love

SweatStyle: The Subscription Box I love

I’ve tried a TON of subscription boxes in the past. And for some reason, I’ve never really decided to stick with the program for long. After about one delivery, I realize I probably don’t need whatever special products (or food) that gets sent to me every month.

But one subscription box that I’ve found success with is SweatStyle. I’m a fitness instructor at a local studio, Fly Fitness, so I always want gear that I can rock in for class and I lift on my own. While I love and adore lululemon, there’s not one in my home city of Lincoln (Nebraska) and I don’t always want to pay $100 for my yoga pants. Sometimes, I want some great pants at a price that’s a little more affordable.

SweatStyle has definitely helped me UP my workout game. Almost a year ago, I signed up with their subscription service and started getting a box of items delivered to me once a month. Sweat Style has you fill out a profile on their site, so they get a sense of what you like, then they send you a box filled with a handful of items in your size that they think you will like. My first couple of boxes were awesome and I ended up picking out a couple of items that I still frequently wear today.

The great thing about SweatStyle is that after I paused my subscription for a couple of months, they reached back out and gave me amazing customer service. And customer service for me, is number #1. They offered to send another box my way for free (it’s usually $25 but you can apply that credit to an item or items from the box). When it arrived, once again, I LOVED the quality of the products they sent and the way the clothes fit my body.

The leggings on average run about $80 a pop and some of the tanks start around $45. The products are definitely on the higher end but many of them are still affordable. Their Terez leggings and Koral tank tops are some of my favorites! Everything I’m wearing in the photos below came straight from my pretty blue box.

While you may be thinking “that’s still really expensive for a pair of leggings or a tank top,”I will say this: keep in mind, you’re also paying for them to style you! You get the opportunity to talk to someone from Sweat Style about what gaps you need to fill in your closet and you also fill out a personalized survey on their site at  https://www.mysweatstyle.com/tools/sweatstyleprofile.The survey helps them decide what to pick out for you. Shipping both ways is free too, so when you send things back, you’re not out of pocket for that.

I tried on some of my favorite pieces from this month’s box and I couldn’t resist snagging the Koral White mesh top! Take a look at the styles above and let me know what you think and guess what? If you’d like to try Sweat Style, you can go ahead and use the code nmicale20 to get 20% off of your first box. Drop a line in the comments below and happy shopping!  =)

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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