Valentine’s Day Ideas with Whole Foods Market Lincoln


Valentine’s Day Ideas with Whole Foods Market Lincoln

The most romantic holiday of the year is closely creeping up on us and whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’re single, most people still ask themselves, “what in the world do I do on this romantic, pressure-filled day and what do I get someone?”

Craig and I always play this really adorable game where I hint to him that I want him to surprise me with flowers and candy at work and then what do you know? Valentine’s Day comes and all of a sudden I come back from a meeting and there’s a pretty, neatly packaged something on my desk for me to put on social media and brag about (HA)!

This year though, we’re honestly trying to save a little bit, but we still want to do something fun. So, for this sponsored post, I teamed up with our local Whole Foods Market Lincoln, to come up with a few ideas about how to make the most out of the holiday but also get a little bang for our buck!

One event that’s coming up in less than a week at Whole Foods Market on O St. is their Buck-A-Shuck, Valentine Style in their Seafood Department.  What I love about this event (I’ve gone to their summer one) is that it’s not only affordable but it has something for everyone. They’re serving up fresh-shucked seasonal oysters for just $1 each and a carefully curated selection of paired wines and beers (beers are $3 a pint and wines will be offered by the glass at $2.50 per pour).

Seriously, I can’t think of a better way to do happy hour on a Friday and celebrate the holiday. I for one, don’t really feel like dropping dollars on an expensive dinner this year, so something like this fits our budget but also lets me enjoy a delicacy that I don’t have often. I went to Whole Foods Market Lincoln and already tried some of their Blue Point oysters, and they were delicious. They’re actually from Blue Point, New York and Long Island Sound and Delaware and known for their quality. As you’ll see on Whole Foods’ blog, oysters have long been associated with love, so even if you decide to pick some up at the event and take ‘em home, they’re a nice surprise for your loved one. =)

Okay, the second problem I have EVERY YEAR on this holiday is deciding what wine to bring home to celebrate and how nice of a wine we should splurge on. I asked Whole Foods’ wine buyer, what some of his top recommendations that are in the more affordable price range, but still nice wines, and here’s what he mentioned:

– Jacques Bardelot NV Brut: It’s a floral and dry wine that pairs well with chocolate, and its under $25.00.

– Presto Prosecco Doc Brut: This wine goes with pretty much anything and the quality is great. It’s also under $20!

– Andover Estate Pinot Noir: This $17 wine pairs with a really nice filet mignon, so if you’re cooking steak at home, go with this one! It’s got chocolate, tobacco and smoke overtones.

If you want to learn more about the different kinds of wines they offer, feel free to check out their wine guide right here.

Also, if you really want to throw a hint to your guy, Amazon and Whole Foods Market will celebrate Valentine’s Day by offering a special discount on Whole Trade roses from February 7th to 14th. That means you can purchase two dozen roses for $25 and if you’re a prime member like me, you actually get an additional discount and it’s $19.99 instead of $25.

You can find all of these at Whole Foods Market and they have great customer service, so if you ask any of their staff members to help you pair your wine with a cheese or other food item, they can definitely help. Another great money-saving tactic of Craig and I’s on V-Day is to pick out a few kinds of cheese and meats, then pair a wine and create our own DIY cheese board at home.

Okay guys, hope some of these ideas help you figure out what to do for the holiday! Come say hello if you see me trying to down an oyster at Buck-A-Shuck this year and don’t forget to shop smart, with Hustle and Heart!

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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