Werkin’ It Out on Vacation


Werkin’ It Out on Vacation

So for my birthday weekend in November Craig and I headed to Kansas City and all I felt was anxiety about whether or not I could stay on track with my diet. I remember we were driving up from Lincoln and talking about how exciting it was to get away but then I burst into tears and told Craig how I was really feeling: scared to death that I was going to binge eat on a mini vacation.

Sadly, I know many of you know what I’m talking about! Women especially tend to hijack their brains by thinking about all of the terrible calories we’ll eat and the workouts we’ll cut short on vacation, instead of the fun we’ll have away ft work
And then, on top of it, when we get to the vacation, we say “screw it who cares” go crazy with our eating to try and alleviate the anxiety when later, we know we’ll feel even worse.

So Craig (the amazing boyfriend who took the photos in this post) knows I’ve struggled myself with this and decided to help me end the vicious cycle. On our drive up he really saw that this is an issue for me and promised me one thing: he’d help motivate me to work out in the hotel every morning and we would go to restaurants in the city that were known for their healthy options.
(MY favorite was this restaurant that Craig took me to call “. “. They had this meal on the menu called the “body builder” and I honestly could to this day, eat it every morning.)

This plan Craig and I talked about 100 percent worked because I was willing to open up about this stress I was deeling. The weekend was an absolute blast and I was stress free because I TOLD someone about my feelings and anxiety and he decided to ! Craig and I pushed each other to get up at 8am and get in a 45 minute workout with each other. One big plus about gyms in the hotels is that rarely are they chalk full of people so Craig and I utilized everything there to create a boot camp style workout. Here’s what we did:

4 rounds of:

  • 2 minutes running on an incline
  • 1 minute of bicep curls
  • 1 minute of push ups

4 rounds of:

  • 1 minute of light chest presses on the machine
  • 1 minute of isolated bicep curls on the bosu ball
  • 2 minutes of running with a speed of 9.0

3 rounds of:

  • 1 minute of Crunches on the bosu ball
  • 1 minute of air squats
  • 2 minutes of running at a lower speed of 6.0 with an incline of 5.

We left the treadmills on and hopped on and off as we needed to to maximize our time and keep our heart rate up.

On day 2 there, we just decided to hop down to the gym and run 2 miles, then walk to the Plaza which was about 2 miles and included a hill or 2.

Since I worked out, I thought more cautiously about having another beer just to have one or grabbing dessert at the restaurant where I’d already filled myself to the brim. It may be really tough to find time to get to the gym on vacation, but 45 minutes a day will leave you feeling like you didn’t just blow all the progress you made before you left town. And for those of you with kids (we have 2 but didn’t bring them), try letting your spouse have one day at the hotel gym and then the next day is yours.

If you’re traveling for work and you know 45 minutes is just too tough, start by doing 20. I frequently walk on the treadmill on a hill for 20 minutes and during that time answer half a dozen emails! There’s always a way to get it done if you make it important.

Happy hotel gyming!

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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