4 Ways To Succeed with Your Fitness Resolution


4 Ways To Succeed with Your Fitness Resolution

Hi friends! For many of you, the resolution you’ve come up with for 2018 is none other than to get in to shape, get to the gym and eat healthier. I love that January is the month many of us choose to renew our love for fitness (I know in January I usually take a closer look at what I should be doing to reach my personal goals).

However, what also happens after holidays, many people decide to go on crash diets, start incorporating insane amounts of cardio, go from working out 1 day a week to 5 and put themselves on a strict eating schedule. NONE of that is good friends. You shouldn’t go from zero to thirty because I can tell you from personal experience, you’ll end up right back at zero, and that’s not where you want to be either.

Since I was 13, I’ve been going to the gym with my dad, who lifted 6 days a week religiously. I learned a lot from him about what it takes to build a solid workout schedule, how to enjoy a balanced diet and also what NOT to do. I’ve also had SEVERAL personal trainers (some of whom are amazing and in Lincoln, Nebraska) and asked a LOT of questions about how to stay fit. I want to share with you the four key pieces you should know because if it doesn’t help you, it could help the guy or gal next to you.

1. Don’t Cut Sh$t out: I SWEAR folks, diets really don’t work in the long run. I myself, have tried them and failed and seen others fail. You know what does work? And will always help you stay healthy? Doing the 80/20 rule or even 70/30. Over half the time, you eat the right foods (veggies, fruits, salads, lower calorie dressings etc), drink water and keep sweets at bay. But for 20 to 30% of your week, it’s okay to enjoy a little bit more. Instead of having 3 Krispy Kremes at the office on Monday morning, start your week with 1 or 2. Craving ice cream every night? Try getting frozen yogurt or Halo Top. Want to have a sweet snack in the afternoon? Go to Starbucks and get a grande passion ice tea with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla and a splash of lemonade. That’s my go-to! Whatever you do friends, don’t look at it as a diet, see it as a lifestyle.
2. Incorporate Strength Training: Cardio alone burns away both fat and muscle. Want to see those major changes in your body? You HAVE to integrate strength workouts into your fitness routine. When you pick up the weights, you’re building lean muscle mass, speeding up your metabolism and MOST IMPORTANTLY, burning fat even when you’re NOT exercising, which is hella important. If you don’t believe me, just Google it, friends. Cardio gives you endorphins and that’s great but it’s not the only thing you should be doing. The studio I teach at, Fly Fitness in downtown Lincoln, offers barre and HIIT classes as well as cycling and yoga and that’s because when you incorporate strength training with cardio, you WIN. Also, I’ll warn you: if you just jump into a strength training routine or adding in weights, you’re going to be sore. One of the best things I’ve ever bought is a foam roller to roll out my legs while I watch TV after the gym. There are so many YouTube tutorials on how to use one properly and you can do it at home.
3. Drink More Water: If you want to be less hungry, happier and craving fewer sweets, water is the best thing for you. I’ve heard several excuses from friends about why it’s hard to access water during the day. I buy a 32-pack of water for $4 at the grocery store and I try to grab a bottle and down it before I go to work. I also ALWAYS order a large water with my morning coffee and then try to fill it up twice during the workday. I swear water is the best-kept trick in fitness that people overlook. It does wonders for your skin, attitude, and body. That’s why there’s a picture of it below looking magical because it is. BOOM!
4. Protein Shakes Aren’t Just For Men: I know. You probably think that I’m joking. I have a protein shake almost every day either in the morning for breakfast or at night before I go to bed. It’s integral to ensuring that I’m building muscle because protein fuels muscle and guess what? Muscle fuels your metabolism! If you’ve always thought that you get enough protein, I can tell you from experience, it’s likely you’re nowhere near close. I suggest putting in what you eat in MyFitness pal and then doing a little research to figure out if you’re hitting the right amount of protein your body needs on the daily. I’ve come to love my protein shakes and after I teach a cycling class, I love getting one to give a little love back to my body for hanging in there with me.

Guys, there you have it. These are the 4 best ways to really hit that healthy goal you set for 2018. It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve always done and made excuses as to why you shouldn’t change your routine, but nothing good comes easy. Got more tips you think I missed? Drop it in the comment box below.

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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