Spring Sweat Wear


Spring Sweat Wear

It’s almost spring! And that means, I’m stocking up on cute workout gear I can wear to the gym and after the gym too. Surprisingly, I cleaned out my closet and found a couple of pieces that I love already so I ended up buying some pieces that mixed well with what I have already.

I always talk a lot about shopping on a budget so I’ll share with you a couple of secrets about how I find great activewear.

The graphic- t with all of my favorite things on it (tequila, kombucha, cold brew) is from Spiritual Gangster and I bought it for $15 at a sale on Urban Outfitters. While that specific one isn’t there anymore, I highly recommend waiting for some of Urban’s super cool graphic t-shirts to go on sale for like $10 — and then scooping them up. I always like to look stylish when I sweat but I never want to spend too much money on tops because I sweat so much that I feel like I ruin them (lol). So yeah, Urban’s got a great selection and you can get some deals.

My tie-dye pants are from Onzie and I love the way they look with my graphic t! I recently got those and they are super comfortable and fun to wear to cycling classes at the studio I go to (Fly Fitness) I think a lot of people are scared to take risks with their pants but I always say…go big or go home! Rock the bold pants and you’ll rock your workout! I will admit, I paid full price for these babies but they weren’t too bad. If you go to www.onzie.com there’s a great selection and the quality is top notch but you won’t pay $100 a pair, like you would at lululemon. If you’re local, Fly Fitness also sells Onzie pants at their studio at 12th and P St.

Okay my second outfit you see also has a great story behind it. The top is a really light sweatshirt with a blousy finish and while you can buy it at JC Penney’s for $37 right now, I happened to find it at Goodwill for…$1, which is kind of nuts. I was thrifting one day and grabbed it somehow and it still had the tags on it. This is why I love to go to Goodwill!

It’s a really nice, light piece for spring and I threw it on with a pair of my black lululemon leggings and went for a light jog in it and felt totally cool. After my run, I threw on some bracelets to give the outfit a little accessory pop and BAM — no need for a quick change.

Also, if you’re ever finding yourself in a bind and you’re trying to sneak in a workout before meeting friends for brunch or picking up your kids at school, I suggest investing in a pair of nice slip ons or a cool pair of sneaker wedges. I can always take my gym wear to the next level when I have badass shoes to match and a few bracelets or a statement ring to throw on too.

But like I said, you don’t have to spend a ton of $$$ to be trendy. Stalk the sales, thrift or use the app Honey on Google Chrome to find the outfit you want for a great price. Happy shopping!

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!


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