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Natalie Micale loves to collaborate with those brands who offer valuable products to her audience, and also those brands she supports! She’s been lucky enough to work with the brands listed below and is always open to discussing potential collaborations with those who want to create great content. You can email with”Collaboration” in the subject line and a member of her team will get back to you as soon as possible!

What the people say

“I’d like to highlight the relationship I built with her as an influencer I hired in my role as Sr. Marketing Specialist at Whole Foods Market to represent our Lincoln, Nebraska customer. Natalie’s ability to understand a brand, and transform that brand into something that has meaning is priceless. She has a distinct ability to naturally tune into the brand voice while remaining true to her personal brand in a way that is organic – she’s honest but works with the utmost integrity and ethics. As an influencer, she represents the power of personal branding with style, poise, and grace.”

– Cassandra Zywiec, Whole Foods Market


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