It’s the no bull shit information designed to help you HUSTLE smarter, not harder. If you’re overwhelmed on where to start to grow your business or your personal development, get the tactical information you need right here. I’ll share the cliff’s notes versions of what I’ve discovered that moves the needle for me, and you.

Find Your Hustle Game
Find Your Hustle Game

Whether you’re starting a new job or trying to set the stage for a promotion at your current job, for women ESPECIALLY, it’s up to us to bring 110 percent every day and to slay at what we do. When I first started working at 10/11 News, I quickly learned that a...

How to Negotiate a Bill
How to Negotiate a Bill

Hi, guys! So, one of the things I do near the end of every month is look at money in and money out. I basically do an audit of my very own bank account and ask myself questions like, “why do I love Starbucks so much” and “do I need to spend that much money on makeup?”...


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