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The quote above is actually a quote that’s been passed down from generation to generation in my family as a statement to look to for inspiration and reflection. I’m a Micale and I was taught by my father at a very young age: live in the arena and you’ll live a big, rewarding life. That’s what I strive to do every. single. day as an entrepreneur in the heart of the Silicon prairie, Lincoln NE.


My news reel

I moved here from Houston, Texas about 10 years ago to attend Nebraska Wesleyan University on scholarship for musical theatre. And after changing my major 5 times, taking an internship at C-SPAN and another local news station in Washington D.C., I decided that I was better off performing on local news, as a TV reporter. I worked at the local CBS affiliate for almost 4 years, first as an intern, then a general news reporter and finally, a feature reporter and even weekend morning anchor.


My news reel

“Live in the arena and you’ll live a big, rewarding life.”

I learned so much about the wonderful city I live in, covering everything from political races to Cirque Du Solei and the live rodeo. Telling stories became my biggest passion — but I learned I could keep doing that with more sleep and more pay, (local news doesn’t pay the big bucks you think it does) — so I set off on creating another fruitful path for myself.

In October of 2016, I was offered a golden egg opportunity: leave my reporting job and join one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the Midwest.  I developed my sales and training skills for two years and stepping into a leadership role in the company after my first year. As Evol Empire grew into an award-winning company that I was lucky enough to help build, so did I professionally. 

After two years, I left Evol and co-founded Oh Hello Agency, a marketing agency I’m proud to be a part of, starting my entrepreneurial journey in 2018. My day-to-day life revolves around helping mid-level businesses, helping SMB’s by growing your awareness, sales, and loyalty through marketing & strategy.

I’m a student of productivity and optimization. I know the power of creating a personal brand that drives your business and you forward. And anyone who knows me well will tell you: I’m scrappy. Whether it’s getting a deal on a sweater that will make me feel like a boss at work or figuring out how to create more leads in my business, I’m always creating new ways to hustle smart. As a female entrepreneur, I’ve learned there’s no hard or fast answer to pretty much anything, but if you keep learning and continue applying yourself, ANYTHING is possible. And if you want to live a damn good life, you’ll need to work smarter, not harder. And trust me, I’ve done the opposite before.

It’s my goal to provide you with knowledge, tips I use myself so you can leverage and build a strong personal brand you’re proud of. From the way you look, to the simple business hacks, I’m here to help. It’s real advice because I’m figuring it out and living through what I share with you every single day.

If anything, I hope something in one of my more personal stories inspires you to keep grinding through some of your tougher days and to hustle with heart.

Natalie Micale


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