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Natalie is the kind of founder who goes all in – whether that be leading her company as CEO of Oh Hello Agency, or spinning till her legs fly off at Fly Fitness Studio in downtown Lincoln. Her approach is always strategic, which is why so many brands and entrepreneurs have chosen to work with Oh Hello. In a world where digital marketing and content creation is done by everyones second cousin, clients are crying out out for leadership. 

As a Latina entrepreneur, Natalie has worked as an anchor and reporter in the Midwest giving her unique insights into what captures audience, and her experience at Evol Empire as Head of Business Development helped her understand the ROI companies expect from their agencies. It is these learnings that has led to the successful evolution oh Oh, Hello from brand innovation lab to creative digital firm. As you know, the data doesn’t lie, so seeing Oh Hello grow to 130 team players who work day in and day out creating brands that impact their industries is the kind of statical comfort clients need when investing in an agency that can spur their own growth.

Oh, and she has a sense of humor – which any entrepreneur should know is a prerequisite for building a business – so it’s fortunate that her favorite celebrity is Lucille Ball, a woman who broke barriers and created stories that people bought into and remembered for a long time. What a coincidence. 

-How to build a killer personal brand on social
-The power of brand first
-Sales strategies for female entrepeneuers
-Growing a small business from the ground up

Speaking Experience

Natalie has had the pleasure of speaking at places like: Nebraska Army National Guard, Union Bank & Trust’s Catalyst, Nebraska Wesleyan University and RE/MAX Nebraska.

If you’re interested in booking her for an event, organization or university, you can download her press kit for more information below, and also reach out through the contact form below.

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