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I used to be on TV, and I speak.


I’m Nat.

I’m an experienced storyteller, a dream-filled optimist and a hustler who gets shit done. I’m a spin instructor, an entrepreneur, and a believer that anything is possible, with hard work.

I’m here to empower you with career inspiration and lifestyle tips that will help you progress in your own journey and WIN BIG.


You don’t have to know where you should start.

Just start

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Teaching clients how to leverage social media is WHAT I DO. Now I’m giving you the opportunity to learn what we teach at the agency. Here’s my step-by-step training guide for growing your Instagram, so you can create word-of-mouth referrals on social media. It’ll make you rethink how you approach social media — and what you can do to make it work for you, and not the other way around.

What the people say

“Natalie did a stellar job representing the advertising community in a local start-up panel. With her enthusiastic and charismatic personality, she commanded the room by adding an insightful perspective to the conversation. She was also able to evoke meaningful discussions with colleagues who have been in the industry for 15+ years.”

– Karley Johnson, Pixel Bakery

“Natalie spoke to our communications team and brought some incredible knowledge about how to win hearts with great storytelling on social media. She educated our team about what they can be doing to present compelling narratives that will engage and educate our audiences on all platforms. People left our workshop with Natalie’s tactical tips that our people could use RIGHT AWAY to be more successful with social media.”

– Taylor Gage,  Office of Governor Pete Ricketts


Entrepreneur tips

It’s the no bull shit information designed to help you HUSTLE smarter, not harder. If you’re overwhelmed on where to start to grow your business or your personal development, get the tactical information you need right here. I’ll share the cliff’s notes versions of what I’ve discovered that moves the needle for me, and you.

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Real shit

I believe when we share the struggles with each other, we connect through vulnerability and empathy. Napoleon Hill once said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” And the struggle is sometimes shitty, raw and tough but we need to talk about it anyways.

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It’s what fuels our personal development, yet we’re often terrified to do it because we’ll lose momentum from what we’re working on at home. Travel can feed your soul and I share how you can do it affordably and within your bandwidth so you continue to prioritize seeing new things in your life.

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Health and wellness

You’ve already created the structure in your work life for success, so how do you take that same approach to your health? I’ll give you my secrets for how to stay healthy and happy, with a balanced approach to fitness and investing in your personal care (because yes, you’re WORTH it).

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Save that money

You worked hard to earn those dollar bills, so you don’t want to spend ‘em on just ANYTHING. From style deals to real talk on how to negotiate your bills, my tips and tricks will help you never pay full price again.

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