How to Get a Deal on Your Dream Purse

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I’m really excited about this post because I’m sharing how you can save on a big ticket item that many of us save up for, for months: a designer purse.

I am a HUGE fan of Tory Burch and I’ve always loved the products I have bought from them. They have amazing customer service. I remember when I was 18 and I spent $150 on a pair of canvas shoes from their store only to have the shoe start falling apart after 3 months of wear. I called their customer service line and they sent me a new pair for FREE and apologized for the quality issue. I thought that was awesome and I’ve been a dedicated, loyal customer ever since.

But, let’s be real here, their stuff is expensive. And as you know if you’ve read anything on this blog, I’m all about saving money and still getting the nice things in life. I’m not a huge fan of buying fake purses as I feel that it hurts the actual brand that’s being imitated and after reading about where the profits go from those fake purse sales, I’ve been more than hesitant to buy a fake (which I’ve been able to find easily).

When I turned 26 last month, I knew that I wanted the Tory Burch Fleming tote. It’s a black purse that can hold pretty much everything and I loved the luxurious feel of the bag but also the simplicity of the design. I’ve been stalking this purse online for about five years, but never wanted to shell out the $600 to snag it.

A couple of months ago, I started religiously checking eBay to see if this beautiful purse popped up and I was surprised to find about a dozen of them. Each purse ran somewhere between $300 and $400 but the purse I snagged was $350 with free shipping; also, I was able to get cash back on my purchase with eBay (5%) and I found a gift card on that saved me another $10 by using that.

Total cost for my beautiful Tory? With my cash back and using a gift card….(drumroll please)….$320.
That’s it. Almost 50% less than what I would have paid for on their website!

A couple things to note about this. A lot of you are thinking, “Natalie, you’re crazy, why would I buy a purse off eBay and how can I be sure it’s real?” I definitely encourage that you do your research on the purse you’re buying and how you can authenticate it. In my case, I was able to buy the purse from someone who received it as a present and couldn’t return it. I also had seen the real version in person, so I knew what the leather would feel like and eBay has a great policy for returns, so I also knew, that if that purse wasn’t real, I had a number to call.

So, whether you’re going to spoil yourself or gift someone else their dream purse, here’s 4 things you should look for when you buy a purse off of eBay (or any other resale site like Poshmark):

1. The seller’s rating and reviews from other people as that will point to whether or not this person is trying to scam you and make a quick buck, or if they are selling what they advertise.
2. Ask for pictures! If you have any doubt before you buy, ask the seller to send you close-ups of the interiors of the purse. With my purse, I knew that if it was an authentic Tory Burch, there would be different logos of varying sizes on the interior pockets. Also, I did my homework and learned that there was also a gold plated “Tory Burch” emblem on the inside as well, which my purse had.
3. If it’s less than 50% off…you’re probably getting a fake. Look at the price and trust your gut.
4. A receipt they have from the original purchase that proves the purse is real.

These tips should help you on your journey to find your dream purse. I’m super happy with mine and I love that I saved my hard earned dollars and hope I save yours too, so don’t forget to shop smart with Hustle and Heart!

I’m always ready for my next great adventure. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up!

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